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Class Name:_________ Class Key:_________ You will need: c Class Key (from your instructor) c Connection to the Internet c Enrollment Code/coupon (from your new McGraw Hill textbook or your school bookstore) or c Method of Payment (Credit card or personal check) Enrolling through CPSOnline If you enroll through CPSOnline, you will first need to setup a CPSOnline account. Create an Account 1. Go to . 2. Click on the Students link at the top left of the window. 3. Select your school or university from the drop-down menu. 4. Click Choose Site . 5. Enter your serial number in the space provided. You can find your serial number on your LCD screen when you turn on your pad: if your pad does not have an LCD screen, your serial number is on the back of the pad, under the battery cover. 6. Click Create Your Account . 7. Create a CPSOnline Username and Password and fill in your contact information. Click Submit to create your account. You’ve now created a CPSOnline account. You can use your CPSOnline username and password to login anytime to CPSOnline. Now you can enroll your pad in your class. Enroll in a Class 1. Click Yes to enroll immediately in your class. 2. Enter your Class Key in the space provided. If you have a Code, enter it in the Code box. Note that a Code is not required.
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This note was uploaded on 10/31/2009 for the course ACCOUNTING acc taught by Professor Forever during the Fall '06 term at Waterloo.

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StudentEnrollmentInstructions06 - Class Name Class Key You...

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