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lab4 notes - Svn we need use...

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Svn we need use it // for hw 4 What is a versioning system The process of recording and being able to retrieve changes to a project Benefits Any stored revcision of a file can be retrieved, viewed, and changed The differences between an y two revisions can be displayed Pathches can be created automatically Multiple developers can work simultaneously on the same project or file without overwriteing one another’s changes The project can be cranched to allow simultaneous developing Module is a particular set of files kept in sn. Often referred to as a project ‘repository’ locaton on svn server where modules are kept Revision a certain version of a file Tag a certain milestone in a file or module ‘s development ‘branch’ a ‘fork of the module
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Repository contains all historic data about your project Developers work from a sandbox which contains working copies of the files in your project Changes from a sandbox are committed to the repository Changes in the repository but not in your sandbox are updated from the repository Each file is associate with a revision number Creating your first repository Creat a directory (typically named svnroot) to hold your repository * initialize the repository: -svnadmin creat repository_root_directory * full path name must be given It creates a bunch of subdirectories in your repository
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lab4 notes - Svn we need use...

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