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lab5 notes - Pointer to functions Double (*funcptr)...

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Pointer to functions Double (*funcptr) (double,double); Double= result; Funcptr = pow; Result= (*funcptr) (1.5,2.0); Result = funcptr (1.5,2.0); Typedef struct point {double x, y:} Point_t; Typedef struct { Point_t top_left; Point_t bottom_right; }Rectangle_t; Dynamic memory management Malloc(size_t size): allocates a block of memory whose size is at least size. Free ()void * ptr : frees the block of moneyr Opening and closing files File*fopen(const char* restrict filename; const char* restrict mode)
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Int fclose(file *fp); Common streams and their file pointers Standard input: stdin Standard output: stdout Standard error: stderr Reading char Reading/writing char Getc() Printf() Fprintf output things to file Fscanf read things from a file Compiling Gcc –g –o foobar foobar.c The –o opting indicates the name of the binary /prom to be generated The –g option indicates ito include symbol and source -0line infor for debugging Man gcc for more details Displaying source code
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lab5 notes - Pointer to functions Double (*funcptr)...

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