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Ontology – George Miller Chapter 6 of the text book Taxonomy of Zoology What is the ontology of human common sense knowledge? Entity Oransim Animal Plant Person Object Artifact Natural Object Body Substance: sugar Food Abstraction Attribute Quantity Relation Time Psycological Feature Cognition Feeling Motivation Natural Phenomenon Event Activity Group Location Possession: currency, shares in stock market Shape State: sick, well He kept mentioning some book by George Miller and called it the Wordnet book and we should read chapter 1, but all I found was a book with a preface by George Miller regarding Wordnet. There are small differences between cultures and individual ontologies, but the top level is the same.
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Unformatted text preview: ConceptNet: more than isA relationships i.e.: coook --(located in)--> restaurant Predicate Calculus predicates All humans are motal . mortal (isA)--> human 2200 x(human(x)mortal(x)) This is a universal quantifier. There may be no humans and the statement still holds. Some humans are nice. 5 x(human(x) and nice(x)) At least once human is nice. There must exist at least one human for this statement to hold. Mary likes all birds. 2200 x(bird(x)likes(Mary,x)) Cyc uses predicate calculus Nobody likes Peter. 2200 x(human(x) likes(x,Peter)) Everybody likes Peter. 2200 x(human(x)likes(x,Peter)) Every human loves someone. 2200 x(human(x) 5 y(human(y) and loves(x,y)))...
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notes1027ai - ConceptNet: more than isA relationships i.e.:...

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