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MEMORANDUM To: Art Vandelay, Student of ENCS 272 From: Bassel Atallah, Professor, Concordia University, BA Date: September 23, 2009 Topic: How to write a basic professional memorandum The opening paragraph of the memorandum should be concise and direct. It should tell the reader exactly what you have done, or plan to do. Generally, you should organize the topics of the memo in order of importance. Your most important points should be highlighted first. Normally, the memo will begin with a summary statement of the issue at hand, in one or two sentences. The key topic of the memo should be identified in these
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Unformatted text preview: sentences. In the case of the memo for this class, the document’s purpose is to ask your professor permission for topic approval for your final project. Thus, you will need to explain what kind of project you are thinking of undertaking. So, if the first paragraph is a summary, the second paragraph should contain the details of the project. A memo can be as short as a half-page or so, or as long as 2 pages, if the person you are sending it to requires a lot of information. Remember that the memo should contain only important information upon which the addressee can make an informed decision....
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