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#ifndef MAP_H_INCLUDED #define MAP_H_INCLUDED # #include "Ancre.h" #include <iostream> # # define NB_STATION 376 # define TAILLE_X 886 # define TAILLE_Y 887 # define INFINI 99999 # /// LA MAP EST UN TABLEAU D'ANCRES (DU NB DE STATIONS) /// / class Map { public: Map(); Ancre **getInfo(); // retourne l'ancre void remplir(Map*plan, char *n,Station** sta); // remplit la map void addVoisinStationWithSameNom(Station **sta, Ancre *act);
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Unformatted text preview: void dijkstra(Ancre *depart, Map *plan); int calcul_penalite(Ancre *depart, Map *plan, Ancre *arrivee); int getIdStationWithName(std::string nom, Map *plan); std::string getNameWithId(int id, Map *plan); private: Ancre *info[NB_STATION]; // un tableau d'ancre du nombres de stations }; } #endif // MAP_H_INCLUDED #...
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