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Multiculturalism is the declaration of the equality of all cultures without contemplating race, ethnicity, background class or gender. Instead of becoming minorities, people from different backgrounds unite in an alien country: and this is a perfect inclusion policy. This goal of intertwining these distinct cultural groups begins with the creation of a dominant ideology and acceptance of it then making them act according to the rules of this dominant ideology. In America it is shown in such a way that ideology make the migrants think, they have equal cultural, political and social status. Though multicultural grounded in equality, it does not perfectly work in America as the narrator tells in the book “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini. Many voices within one country brings problems with it like enhancing conservatism, especially the ones who reach their adulthood. For the ones who are baby or still teenager, it is easier to accept the ideology or traditions of a new country and respect others’ ideas. The first generation of Afghans who immigrate to America have problems in adapting themselves to the new lifestyle there and are more conservative to the rules and miss their hometown as it is seen in the paradigm of Baba and General Taheri. However, the next generation, Amir and Soraya in the case, is more liberal to integrate into the society of Americans; though losing their roots renders them infertile at the end. One of the migrant groups in America is the Afghan people who are the victims of Russia and then Taliban, seek a way to rescue their families from the midst of the war. One good chance seems to be America – the dream country, as it seems from outside. Non- Americans have a different sort of living and they are not used to the conditions of this new country. Inevitably problems rise in participating with the dwellers there. One great problem is the problem of identity. Baba does not want to be an American; he lives with the dreams of Afghanistan and his Afghan identity. Though it is a year and a half since Amir and Baba have arrived in America, Baba is still adjusting to the life there. He wants the people who share the same background, the same ancestors with him. He gets frustrated when he is asked for his
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identity card to use his credit card. He is used to give a tree branch to buy “naan” to Amir. New lifestyle is what he cannot adapt. He misses his country and Baba buys the picture of Ronald Reagon and hangs it on their home wall just because Reagon has called the Shorawi, who takes over the succession of King Zahir Shah in his hands, “The Evil Empire” (Hosseini, K., p.110). Multiculturalism presupposes equality among its citizens. However, new immigrants
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Ä°ngilizce Research Paper first draft -...

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