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ahmeterben-Concert Report

ahmeterben-Concert Report - HUM 204 ASSIGNMENT 1 ISTANBUL...

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November 21, 2008 HUM 204 ASSIGNMENT 1 ISTANBUL STATE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA feat. ILIAN GARNET The concert of Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra was held in Hagia Eirene on October 31, 2008. In the previous years these concert were performed in Ataturk Culture Centre in Taksim; however this year, for it is under repair, the concerts were performed in several different places. Last night it was in Hagia Eirene; a former Eastern Orthodox Church located in the outer courtyard of Topkapı Palace. After the conquest of Istanbul it is used as armory by the Ottoman soldier. Today, the museum serves mainly as a concert hall for classical music performances. I have been to several events which are held in the Istanbul International Theatre Festival but none were as impressive as last night’s concert in Hagia Eirene. Its extraordinary acoustic atmosphere rendered the sounds much more impressive. I was sitting right under the dome, small in diameter but high in height, of this sixth-century building. The building is impressive in itself with its great arches and colons surrounding the central nave, making the one feel even smaller once he enters. The echo goes high up to the dome and nurtures one’s ears and eyes combining with the harmony of the movements of the violin bows in the whole orchestra at the same time. The programme was as follows: A. Adnan Saygun Op.10/b İnci's Book (Symphonic arrangement) J. Sibelius Violin Concerto in D minor , Op. 47 Allegro Moderato Adagio di molto Allegro ma non troppo BREAK G. Bizet Symphony in C Major Allegro Vivo Adagio Scherzo Allegro vivace Jean Sibelius, a Finnish composer of the later Romantic period, composed seven symphonies other than Finland, Valse Triste, the violin concerto, the Karelia Suite and The Swan of Tuonela His music played a significant role in the formation of the Finnish music.
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