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Dear Class, Below is your topic for the final assignment, which is to be in the form of a research paper of approximately 3500 words in length: "Nationalism became an important political and cultural force in the nineteenth century. Individual musicians played important roles in either leading nationalist movements or reflecting the cultural effects of nationalism in their work. Explore the relation of music to nationalism in the work of one individual composer, providing discussion of specific music
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Unformatted text preview: examples." Please submit the essay in M/S Word .doc format, font 11, 1,5 lines spacing with the file name containing your name and surname (FulyaCelikel_midterm.doc, for example). Please do not submit in .docx or Adobe .pdf formats. A good bibliography and clear citations in the text earn you points. The deadline for submission of the paper is Friday 23 January. Good luck!...
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