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Midterm Question - French Revolution Beethoven's...

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Dear Class, Below is your topic for the midterm assignment, which is to be in the form of a research paper of approximately 1500 words in lenght: "How did the French Revolution affect European Music around the start of the nineteenth century?" Choose a topic from either vocal or instrumental music and musicians working either in or outside France. Sub topics include revolutionary hymns and marches on the
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Unformatted text preview: French Revolution, Beethoven's Fidelio (and "rescue" operas of his contemporaries), Beethoven's third symphony and the music of Berlioz. Please submit the essays in .doc format, font 11, 1,5 lines spacing with the file name containing your name and surname (FulyaCelikel_midterm.doc, for example). A good bibliograpy and clear citations in the text earn you points. Good luck!...
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