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Chp6-7-8-9 - Next About this document SCCC 115 Homework 5...

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Next: About this document ... SCCC 115 Homework 5 - Due 20 Oct. 2005 Prof. Christina Lacey R&D: 7-7, 7-19, 8-16, 8-19 P: 6-12,6-15, 7-2, 9-6, 8-7 R&D: 7-7: What clue does the differentiation of the Earth provide to our planet's history? Earth is observed to be differentiated with higher density material toward the core. Thus at one time Earth must have been molten in order for the higher density material to sink toward the core. R&D: 7-19: What if Earth had no moon. Do you think we would know anything about tidal forces? Yes, we would still feel the tidal effects from the Sun. For example: (1) in the case of the Moon exerting tidal forces on the Earth, M is the mass of the Moon, m is the mass of the body (for example the mass of a person on the surface of the Earth where one is calculating tidal effects, R is the radius of the Earth, and r is the distance between the centers of mass of the two bodies, M and m. So the tidal forces of the moon and the Sun on the center of the Earth are proportional to (the test m and R are the same for both situations):
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So the Moon's tidal force on the Earth is twice as strong as the Sun's tidal force.
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