liz - Part V: Analyzing a companys resources and...

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Part V: Analyzing a company’s resources and competitive position Question 1: How well is the company’s present strategy working? If we look at the industry as a whole in certain areas the strategy is working while in others it is not. The local radio stations strategy is working for them by changing local radio to draw back the audience they lost due to the boom in satellite radio. They have less advertisement with more programming, along with also changing technology to making their quality of listening more like a CD or DVD. The strategy of Internet radio is working well for them. Most of these sites have thousands of hits everyday where people can choose exactly what type of programming they play while still making money off of the advertisements they have on their webpage. While the strategy of XM and Sirius has not been good. Before merging as the same company they were operating in looses. Plus with the ever changing technology in local radio broadcasting why would someone pay for radio when they can receive it for free. Question 2: Is it in your SWOT analysis Refer to SWOT analysis under part II. Question 3: Are the company’s prices and costs competitive?
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As we saw with XM and Sirius they both sold their receivers for about the same price along with their programming was at the same monthly subscription cost of $12.95. They offered mostly the same amount of channels but the difference was what type of channels.
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liz - Part V: Analyzing a companys resources and...

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