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international business chapter 12 article - Jennifer...

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Jennifer Solomon Intentional business This article has to do with what company’s strategies are now that as it was stated the economy is starting to rebound but is in an uncertain inflexion point With green shoots temptation flourishes By Paul J Davies Published: October 2 2009 16:06 | Last updated: October 2 2009 16:06 For the corporate world, it is hang-on-to-your-hat time. Markets have rebounded dramatically from the lows in March and the economy is at a very uncertain inflexion point. The shape and sustainability of any real recovery is incredibly difficult to foresee – and yet there seems to be at least a window of opportunity for action. Rights issues and mergers and acquisitions all seem to be back on the agenda. For the brave, there are potentially great strides to be made, but for the cautious the risk is that if you wait too long you might miss the boat.
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Against this backdrop, risk managers and executives have to try and make sure that they keep things on an even keel, ensuring that whatever shape the economic cycle takes they are able to thrive, or at least cope. Tom Hartley, regional managing director of Kroll Consulting Services, says that in deals of all kinds it is those with the money to spend who hold the whip hand. “In transactions, the balance of power has changed, it is now with the buyer,” he says. “Buyers can make overt rather than covert inquiries to assess the risk and credibility of a seller or someone providing a service or
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international business chapter 12 article - Jennifer...

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