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ethics real - Solomon 1 Jennifer N Solomon Business Ethics...

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Solomon 1 Jennifer N Solomon Business Ethics Exercise 3-3 9/21/2009 The company I decided to look at is one that I believe has stayed strong throughout all the changes in technology. I believe that Apple is a company that has flourished over years and will continue to dominate for many more years to come. Apples mission statement is “Apple computer is committed to protecting the environment, health and safety of our employees, customers and the global communities where we operate. We recognize that by integrating sound environmental, health and safety management practices into all aspects of our business, we can offer technologically innovative products and services while conserving and enhancing resources for future generations. Apple strives for continuous improvement in our environmental, health and safety management systems and in the environmental quality of our products, processes and services” ( Investor Relations ). Apples vision statement is very simple as “An apple on every desk” ( Investor Relations ). While its code of ethics is very extensive with six main categories; Customer and business relationships, governments and communities, responsibilities to apple, individual conduct, taking action, and additional resources. As I started reading Caux Round Table’s principles for business I realized that there were seven main principles: “PRINCIPLE 1 - RESPECT STAKEHOLDERS BEYOND SHAREHOLDERS: A responsible business acknowledges its duty to contribute value to society through the wealth and employment it creates and the products and services it provides to
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Solomon 2 consumers. A responsible business maintains its economic health and viability not just for shareholders, but also for other stakeholders. A responsible business respects the interests of, and acts with honesty and fairness towards, its customers, employees, suppliers, competitors, and the broader community. PRINCIPLE 2 – CONTRIBUTE TO ECONOMIC, SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL DEVELOPMENT: A responsible business recognizes that business cannot sustainably prosper in societies that are failing or lacking in economic development. A responsible business therefore contributes to the economic, social and environmental development of the communities in which it operates, in order to sustain its essential ‘operating’ capital – financial, social, environmental, and all forms of goodwill. A responsible business enhances society through effective and prudent use of resources, free and fair competition, and innovation in technology and business practices. PRINCIPLE 3 – RESPECT THE LETTER AND THE SPIRIT OF THE LAW: A responsible business recognizes that some business behaviors, although legal, can nevertheless have adverse consequences for stakeholders. A responsible business therefore adheres to the spirit and intent behind the law, as well as the
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ethics real - Solomon 1 Jennifer N Solomon Business Ethics...

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