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Jennifer Solomon INST-270 (Section 9) Justice Research Paper Physician Assisted Suicide The topic of physicians assisted suicide is a topic that is disputed all over the world not just her in the United States. There are many arguments concerning physician assisted suicide on both sides. Many people don’t realize what physicians assisted suicide actually entails because they are not formally educated on the topic. People are usually on the fence when it comes to this topic because there is both good and bad in act itself. Many people believe that euthanasia is the same as physician assisted suicide which is why I was against it before doing the research for this paper. I believe that euthanasia was the same as physician assisted suicide before I researched this topic. After I did the research I realized that I agree with certain aspects of physician assisted suicide. When most people think of physician assisted suicide they believe the doctor is “killing the patient”. There are many different definitions for what physician assisted suicide or more commonly referred to as PSA: “helping someone end their life after an explicit request.” (Thomasma 46) “Physicians assist by prescribing a potentially lethal agent.” (Loewy 107) The words helping and assisted in these two definitions are very important. This means that the doctor is not the actual person that is taking the life of the patient but they are helping in that patient getting the “lethal agent” that will allow the patient to take their own life. When most people think of physician assisted suicide they think of the doctor killing the patient. “Physicians administering a potentially lethal agent is euthanasia.” (Loewy 107) You may be asking what the difference is due to untimely having the same outcome which is
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the death of the patient. “In the case of euthanasia, the physician (nurse or anybody else) euthanizes the patient. The patient is the ‘victim’ who is being killed. The situation is less clear in PAS. But that would suggest there is a patient who commits suicide, therein assisted by a physician. The ‘assisted by a physician’ would then specify the particular manner in which the patient commits suicide. Some patients commit suicide in secret; some commit suicide in dramatic fashion by setting themselves on; and some commit suicide with the help of a physician. In all cases, it is the patient who acts” (Have 148). This may be confusing but the way that I interpret the above passage shows that there is a large difference between euthanasia and PAS. Euthanasia is when the doctor will inject some agent into the patient which will kill them, while as stated before PAS is when the doctor will prescribe that same substance for them which they will take in the privacy of their own home. People may ask what is the difference between these two ways when they ultimately will have the same outcome, the death of the patient? The difference is that once the doctor steps in for
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research paper pas - Jennifer Solomon INST-270 (Section 9)...

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