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the missing class - Solomon 1 Jennifer Solomon The Missing...

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Solomon Jennifer Solomon The Missing Class Justice Position paper 2 10/17/08 The Missing Class This book The Missing Class by Katherine S. Newman and Victory Tan Chen talks about a topic that many people don't even consider or realize is going on here in the United States. So many times you hear people talk about three main social classes: Upper class, middle class and people in poverty. What we don't talk about is what is know as the "missing class". The missing class is people that are living just above the poverty level. It was said in the foreword that "If they have a setback- such as :a layoff, an illness, an unanticipated expense or loss- they risk joining their cousins and neighbors living in poverty." What this means is that as long as everything is working in the favor of people that are considered to be living in the missing class, they will be just above the poverty level. But the second that something unexpected occurs they will immediately enter into the poverty class. According to page 3 "Fifty- seven million Americans- including 21 percent of the nation's children- live in this neither region above the poverty line but still below a secure station. The Missing Class is composed of households earning roughly between $20,000 and $40,000 for a family of four." Many people would say well the government has systems and programs 1
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Solomon set up to help these people who can't afford the basic needs. But the problem with this is that the people that are in the "missing class" would not qualify for these programs because of the fact that they make to “much” money so they don't qualify for certain programs such as: food stamps, subsidized housing, and health insurance. These people are working so hard to stay above the poverty line and take care of their families so that they don’t have to get help from anyone. Families who sometimes don't work as hard or have more of a financial
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the missing class - Solomon 1 Jennifer Solomon The Missing...

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