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Solomon 1 Jennifer Solomon Assignment 1-1 9/5/2009 When I first started reading this assignment I didn’t realize just how much my personal values may conflict with my goals that I have set for my career in the future. As a born again Christian I am faced everyday with the questions I have about entering the business profession at a time when many businesses have illegal or unethical practices. I also find it troublesome that the businesses that do have become successful are the ones that I just talked about. However the businesses that I feel are more Christian led businesses don’t do as well. I feel this has a lot to do with the way I was raised growing up. On both my mothers’ side and also my fathers’ side there have been a few family businesses. I was taught that all you need to do in life is work an honest day and take care of your family. I also come from a very conservative family where it is thought that the man goes out and earns the money while the woman stays home and takes care of the house and children. Even though I know that things have changed and that women are in the work place it still was instilled in me as a child. Also a very important thing that I was taught growing up is that you will never throw anyone under the bus for a dollar. Along with being taught that if you have the ability to help someone that you do this. The best example that I can give to show how firmly my family believes in this would be my great grandfather who owned the family dairy. When someone needed milk wither or not they
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ethics[1] - Solomon 1 Jennifer Solomon Assignment 1-1...

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