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case study 5 rtf - implementing this technology. (Hint: As...

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Jennifer Solomon Acct- 470 Case Study 6-15 1. Assume you are consultant with one of the application platform vendors (e.g., IBM, Oracle, Sap, Microsoft) and Robin called you for information regarding enterprise portals. Prepare a one-page summary of the advantages TRC might be able to achieve if they used an enterprise portal for each of the business units (and for TRC-wide operations). 2. After Preparing the one-page summary, now prepare a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation on enterprise portals, focusing on the advantages for TRC of
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Unformatted text preview: implementing this technology. (Hint: As a minimum, be sure to address such issues as scalability of the portal, performance/ reliability, and fault-tolerance.) 3. What sort of implementation schedule would you recommend for TRC, that is what steps are important in an orderly implementation of this technology? Please Explain. 4. Based on your research, which system do you recommend for TRC? Please prepare a matrix that compares the different features of the different enterprise portal solutions that you considered....
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