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Jennifer Solomon Acct-470 Case study 2-22 1. What information must be encoded on the magnetic-card strip on each Bennet National Bank credit card to permit the computerized testing of these policy restrictions? a. Account number b. Routing number of the bank (bank code) c. Pin number d. Expiration date 2. What tests of these restrictions could be performed at the teller window by a smart terminal and what test would have to be performed by the bank’s central
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Unformatted text preview: processing unit and other equipment? a. The first three would be able to be performed at the smart terminal: Pin number, Routing number (bank code), expiration date. b. The last three would have to be information that would go to the bank’s central processing unit to receive information back to the smart terminal: if the card is stolen, only be used a max of 2 times a day at any of the banks branches, and account balance....
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