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case study 1 - Jennifer Solomon Accounting 470 Case study...

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Jennifer Solomon Accounting 470 Case study 1-15 1. The goal of preparing an annual report is to communicate information from a company to its targeted users. (a.) Identify and discuss the basic factors of communication that must be considered in the presentation of this information. (b.) Discuss the communication problems a company faces in preparing the annual report that result from the diversity of the users being addressed. a. There are three main financial Statements that are found in the Annual report that a company sends out at the end of each year reporting its financial activities for the year. i. Income Statement ii. Cash Flow Statement iii. Balance Sheet Although these are three very large parts of the Annual report it is only a small percentage of it. These financial reports show how the company has done business in a financial way. What the Annual report also shows it why it performed that way wither it was because they were changing its product line or if they had another large difference from other years. They can also show where they are going in the future along with new investment ideas. It also gives a brief history of the company along with where it stands now in terms of how many stores, where they are located, how many people are employed part time or full time. b. A problem that might accrue with sending out a Annual report is the fact that a corporations competition will be able to see how they have done for the year, if their were any new changes in products along with where they see themselves going in the future. Although you want to make the shareholders along with potential shareholder feel that the corporation is in a good place to keep their investment or invest into you need to be careful just how much information you give out for everyone to read. 2.
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case study 1 - Jennifer Solomon Accounting 470 Case study...

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