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Ryan’s Individual Development I have learned to function better as a team member in many ways in the past few weeks of this course. A major improvement that I have made is that I listen more effectively. When our group first starting meeting I did not listen to other peoples ideas, I just waited to speak about my own ideas. After our first initial meeting we didn’t have any decisions made because no one listened to the other group members. As a result of the first meeting I started to listen to others ideas, and rather than dismiss them I either agreed or tried to build on them to make a better idea. I found that when we all listened to each other and built on each others ideas we did our best work. Throughout my time in the group I also developed better time management skills. At each group meeting we set certain dates for certain aspects of our project to be done, and this was expected to be
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Unformatted text preview: followed by everyone. Setting these deadlines helped me get my parts of the project finished in a timely manor. A team/managing process that I have learned is to divide the work equally between the group and then put it all together when the tasks were complete. This helped due do every member could not always meet the same time. I learned to manage the group by helping set deadlines as well as helped put every members information together to complete the final project. I learned a leadership role in more reserved way. I found my self leading by example. I showed up to every group meeting with my information and my assigned tasks completed. After the past few weeks I have become a more effective group member and have obtained leading and management processes....
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