Part B - As individuals we have developed as a result to...

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Productivity Our group does have a clear goal to accomplish. Objective performance measures are whether or not our goal is achieved. How fast our goal was achieved. Also how effective was our outcome. Our clients are all members of current student organizations. Our overall solution does conform to those members who will be using our solution. We will change our goal if current clients feel that they will not be affected by our outcome. Our feedback from those groups will decide whether or not to change our goal. Cohesion All our group members do enjoy working together. If any one of our members has ideas and the others put him and his ideas down it could lead to feelings of resentment. Non-goal oriented members and bad communication between members could prevent team members from working together in the future. Learning We can best learn from one another by being very open to suggestions and actually trying some out.
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Unformatted text preview: As individuals we have developed as a result to team experience. Given the length of our time together we believe that we would only be able to improve our skills a minimal amount. Members not wanting to further themselves would lead to a block of personal growth. Anytime one of our members experienced a time of going above their limitations our group as a whole also shared their experience. Integration We would benefit the members of the student organizations by allowing them time and space to carry out the needs of their organization. In a way are goals are consistent with the organizations goals because the organizations themselves are looking for more time and space. Having certain organizations being more prosperous would allow them to have more applications from students and the community. Our group has been asked by the Space Committee to present our solution to the problem....
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Part B - As individuals we have developed as a result to...

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