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Interview of Jon Henkel Jon Henkel is part of the Husky Tae Kwon Do club. The club was organized in the ROTC gym in the year 1989. The SDC was full so the gym was the alternative. 16 years later a New Colonel of the Air Force was hired into the ROTC department. Jon Henkel thought he was very controlling and was out to get the club. Jon says the Colonel didn’t like extra-curricular actives, which is why the club had to go. The club offered to pay a donation to get new carpeting put in but they were turned down. Jon thought it was because the Colonel didn’t want them to have a reason to not get kicked out. The Colonel came up with the Facilities Use Plan, which at that time was the only one on campus. The club was asked for input for the plan but Jon said the input they
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Unformatted text preview: gave him he threw in the trash and said he never got it. The Colonel came up with an idea to extend the Air Force business hours to 6 PM to make the club lose an hour of practice. The club was given 4 cabinets to use for storage but the Space committee called for no storage cabinets and a new schedule. The club now uses lockers at the SDC and before they got kicked out a member of the club had to haul all the equipment down to the ROTC gym. The Executive committee sent a letter to Husky Tae Kwon Do telling them that they had to practice elsewhere. Nowadays the club practices in two different rooms at two different times. Jon Henkel still says the Colonel is out to get them....
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