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Information collection and sorting 1. A) The interview of Jon Henkel was setup when I, Adam Brazier, went to a Tae Kwon Do practice and asked him face to face when was a good time to meet and have an interview. The time and place were set and on Tuesday, October 4 th Jon Henkel and I had an interview. I received his side of the story to the ROTC gym situation and information on how the club is handling things nowadays. Jon Henkel told me of a friend he has who had an article in the lode written about him. I went to the MTU library archives and asked for all the lode papers that came out in the past year. Then I searched each one article by article looking for some thing that related to his interview and the ROTC gym. The article was found in the month of March and talks of the Colonel and the implementation of the Facilities Use Plan. B) The most relevant information will have to be the new Colonel and his relationship to the Husky Tae Kwon Do club.
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Unformatted text preview: Also the article in the lode talks of the Facilities Use Plan and the plan is very relevant because it explains who and who not to use the ROTC gym. C) The facts of the interview are the year when the Husky Tae Kwon Do is organized in the ROTC gym. Another is the hiring of a new Air Force Colonel. The creation of the Facilities Use Plan is a fact. Where and when the club meets today is fact. The article in the lode itself is a fact. Opinions of the interview are Jon Henkel’s thoughts over the new Colonel and whether he is out to get them or not. D) Having listen to Jon Henkel and what he had to say about the Colonel puts the problem definition more on one person rather then many things that relate. That in mind trying to find an alternative generation will be harder because the Colonel banned them from practicing in the ROTC gym and that could have be an alternate....
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