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Our team as a whole show that certain attributes of supportive communication may be different then the individual team members. The team is under the category of congruent since all of us say what we fell. None of us hide what we really do feel in any situations. We are a very descriptive team. We always give out input then give alternatives if any to our fellow team members. As a team we are problem oriented. We don’t see people as the problem but rather the problem itself. When any member gives information they collected they seem to always ask for suggestions. That would make out team a validating team. None of our members generalize about problems they have.
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Unformatted text preview: They get straight to the point so as to get a straight answer. Most of our responses to other members relate in some way as to what was being talked about. This is a sign that our team is very conjunctive. All of us do own up to our words or thoughts, whether theyre good or bad. As a team we are more owning then not. When someone is having a problem all the other members give support on how to overcome it. This makes us a very supportive listening team. Our team falls into all the good sides of the supportive communication which shows we have no weaknesses....
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