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Communication Ideas - have one for each member We also have...

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Team members tend to distort messages or make biased interpretations of messages when it relates to them on a very personal level. Indirect speech and transparency illusions are not all that present in our team. However uneven communication at certain times is a factor. It hinders us by not allowing every member to get what they want to say. This in fact can lead us to non-creative ways of solving a problem since only one or two people give ideas. We handle our dependence problem by trusting our fellow members to do their assignments. To this day all of us have finished and relayed them to the team in a timely manner. Our team is a fully shared case because during each team meeting we each relay all the information we collected to each team member so everyone knows everything. We would make copies of any special document and
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Unformatted text preview: have one for each member. We also have a website where all our information is centralized. The technique to redirect and maintain the focus of the discussion to unshared (unique) information is one that is suited for our issues. Implementation of this will be to go through each and every piece of information gathered and decided if it can propel our team forward. Each piece should also be discussed as a whole and not individually. That in itself is another technique which we will use, considering the decision alternatives one at a time. Building trust and familiarity among our members is another technique that is very important to use. Basically we have already started implementation because we trust each other to get things done and no member has let the team down thus far....
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