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Adam’s Individual Development Over the course of this semester I have learned many lessons about functioning effectively as a team member. When I am given a task I make sure to get very resourceful information and I also have the task fulfilled in a timely and organized manner. Before taking this class my information was very scattered and I would wait until the last minute. These coincide with one another. When I wait until the last minute to finish a task I would be in a hurry and just go with the things that came to me first. This caused me to have information that wasn’t always creditable. During this semester there were certain times were I would be leading our group. For example, when I received an interview from a Husky Tae Kwon Do member I had to relay it to our group members.
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Unformatted text preview: I had to make sure my information was creditable and that it was very clear and concise. Managing group process was also part of this. One of the group project assignments was to have information sorted by fact and opinion. This interview at the beginning was considered fact, but to make sure I asked the other members to go out and find sources contradicting this interview. That they did, by our next meeting another member relieved an interview from a member of ROTC, whose information did in fact contradict my interview. This in turn made my interview very opinionated. I believe that my idea for other members to go out and search for more information was a big lesson I learned. Never settle on just on source when there might be many....
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