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WORLD CULTURES Section F/Lab 6: 1:05-2:55 p.m., MWF UN 1002 Longman Atlas of World History GUIDE: GEOGRAPHY/ATLAS QUIZZES The historical atlas exercises and study guide below are for the six (6) “Geography/Atlas” quizzes scheduled for the course. Each of these quizzes will consist of ten (10) questions in multiple-choice format. Five (5) will involve the geographic locations listed; the other five (5) will consist of the Atlas Exercises converted to multiple choice format. Exercises Page No.— Longman Atlas of World History GUIDE: GEOGRAPHY/ATLAS QUIZ 1 (M, Jan. 24) Ancient River Valley Civilizations : Anatolia/Asia Minor, Babylon, Egypt, Euphrates River, Harappa, Indus River, Mediterranean Sea, Mesopotamia, Nile River, Tigris River China and India: China, Ganges River, Gobi Desert, Himalaya Mts., Huanghe/Hangho/Yellow River, Yangtze River Classical Civilization-Western : Aegean Sea, Alps, Athens, Greece, Macedonia, Persia (modern Iran), Rome, Sparta Week 1 Exercises M, Jan. 10 Introduction to the Course; The Earliest Civilizations 2 1. On which of the six major continents was settled agriculture not being practiced by 900 BC? 2. Where in Africa, besides Egypt, had a major civilization developed by 1000 BC? 3 1. Which areas domesticated maize, beans, and squash? Which yams and sorghum? Which pigs and chickens? 2. From which area was there greatest diffusion of agriculture in the period 10,000 to 1000 BC? 4 1. Which civilization controlled Anatolia (Turkey, Asia Minor) around 1500 BC 2. What regions did the Egyptian ‘New Kingdom’ rule outside of Egypt proper? Week 2 W, Jan. 19 Classical India: 5 1. Which of the following areas was least tied into trade routes in the period 2500-1250 BC?: Greece, Egypt, Indus Valley, Mesopotamia, Tarsus/SE Anatolia 2. What region served as the point of interchange for goods shipped from India to the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea? 6 1. Where was the apparent early homeland of the Indo-European language group (4000 BC and before)?: Arabia, north of the Black Sea, West Siberian Plain, West Europe, India 2. Indo-European speakers did not spread into which of the following areas?: Anatolia, India, Persia, Europe, Arabia 7 1. From what region did Buddhism and Hinduism emerge:? Hindu Kush, Taklamakan Desert, Northern India near Ganges River, Northwest India near Indus River, Southern India 2. Hinduism diffused from India primarily in what direction? North, West, East/Southeast; Northwest; Southwest Week 3 M, Jan 24 Classical Mediterranean Civilizations: Diversity 8 1. During the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC), on which side (if any) was Macedonia allied? 2. On which side was a city-state located on an island most likely to be on? 9
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UN1002F_Geog-Atlas_Quiz_Guide-05 - WORLD CULTURES Section...

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