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Twelfth Night Adam Brazier World Cultures UN 1002 Section F The Question, “To what extent was the Study Guide an effective tool in helping you understand and appreciate the play generally and the Aquila Theatre’s production of that play in particular?” can be answered in a number of ways. The way that seems fit would be to answer what it asks. The Study Guide was very effective since it gave me a background on other plays written by Shakespeare that have a girl dressing as a man to succeed in some way. Before reading the guide I only new of this play to have that type of character, but to my surprise I found there to be many more. With that in mind I think Shakespeare found the way to best present the play in a way that was appreciated
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Unformatted text preview: by all. Plus the fact it was funny and I didn’t mind watching it. The way Aquila Theater produce the play was amazing in my mind. They made it so I couldn’t stop watching, and I felt like I was actually there in the play’s time. That to me let me appreciate it to the max, not many plays can do that for me. After I read the Study Guide I couldn’t wait to see the play. With that said I would have to agree that the Study Guide was a for sure an effective tool in helping me understand and appreciate the play. I wouldn’t mind looking into see the other plays about the girl dressing as a man, since this one affected me so well. They might not be the same story but I trust Shakespeare in his ability to make a great play....
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