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of William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night [Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts, Saturday, February 19] This guide is designed: to maximize your enjoyment and appreciation of the Aquila Theatre’s production of Twelfth Night. to illustrate that the arts are a legacy reflecting the traditional values, customs, beliefs, expressions, and reflections of a culture The youthful, innovative Aquila Theatre Company breathes new life into Twelfth Night , one of William Shakespeare’s most elegantly complex and humorous plays. This comic masterpiece has all the elements of romance: shipwreck, alienation, high-born lovers, disguise, and mistaken identity. Students will identify, commiserate, and laugh at the lovers’ foolishness and also learn something about the nature of identity and romantic love. The Aquila Theatre Company’s Twelfth Night will increase your aesthetic awareness of Shakespeare and the many ways that his plays can be interpreted and performed. You will see how imagination and creative decision making transform a piece of literature into a live theatrical event that incorporates language, movement, music, and song. Aquila is celebrated for bringing to life Shakespeare’s great poetry and characters, and this production will help you to appreciate and relate to his plays. You will have not only the opportunity to learn about the cultural and historical context out of which Shakespeare’s theater grew and but you will also learn something about the Aquila Theatre Company’s efforts to make Shakespeare understandable to contemporary audiences. THE PERFORMANCE/ PRODUCTION The Aquila Theatre Company is committed to ensemble work. The creative shape of a production is formed in the rehearsal room through a close collaboration between the director, composer, production designers, and actors. The creative process is set up in rehearsal, allowing actors to explore as they work. The tremendous collective energy of the ensemble that forms in rehearsal is then transferred onto the stage. Twelfth Night has been performed countless times all over the world but every production is made unique by the production team and actors who bring the play to life. Twelfth Night was first performed in 1600. During that year wigs and extraordinarily elaborate clothes for men and women were the style. Few contemporary productions are set in Elizabethan times or use Elizabethan costumes. Creators Peter Meineck and Robert Richmond came to Twelfth Night rehearsals knowing that the production would merge the Elizabethan and modern worlds .. Meineck and Richmond worked with the actors to explore ways to create this fused world through different styles of speech and movement. At the same time, composer Anthony Cochrane created compositions that reflect the contrasts inherent in the developing scenes. 1
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Twelfth Night Sty Guide - Study Guide to the Aquila...

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