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November 1, 2007 Bauhaus (1919-1933)-Walter Gropius, when Bauhaus was shut down by nazis he came to the US, trained an entire generation of architects Bauhaus Manifesto: need to link the arts together Foundation course: all students at Bauhaus had to take this class Honest design has design integrity, Bauhaus liked and used technology in their designs (tubular steel), a lot different than other thinkers Interiors of Bauhaus designs emphasized space, minimal, nothing but what was needed, basic shapes (flat roof); work on floor plan first, where you want ventilation, where you want light to come in-work from the inside out Bauhaus did theatre, music, etc.-unity of arts Seagram building, Van der Rohe: architects architect, people often copied him but didn’t do as good of a job, might look very plain but very expensive (materials, time that goes in to it), buildings like this have been under threat of demolition (smaller than other buildings) Barcelona chair: Van der Rohe’s better known chair, seen as a beautiful chair (the
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