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Shower Adam Brazier UN 1002 Section F The statement “Da Ming, the eldest son of Lao Lui, the bathhouse operator, fulfilled the obligations of a filially pious son,” must be argued as true or as a false statement. First the definition of filial piety, a love and respect for one's parents and ancestors. Second, whether or not the son had love and respect for his father. At the beginning of the movie his son comes home because his little brother drew a picture that looked like his father had passed away, but was really only a picture of his dad taking a nap. When he got to his father’s bathhouse he found his father alive and well. His father took his son’s visit as one to see if his father had actually died, which was true according to his son. Having that true seems to me as a son who doesn’t follow the way of filial piety. Another example is when the son tells his father to quit his job because he doesn’t like to see his father washing other
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Unformatted text preview: people as a good way of life. With that I can say he has no respect for his father, which according to the definition of filial piety is something you must have. Given these two examples you could argue that his son didn’t fulfill the obligations of being a filially pious son. Although those two examples make him seem unfilially pious there are examples which show him to be filially pious. The biggest example of which is that after his father actually does die he takes the bathhouse under the care of him and his little brother. He leaves his city life and city job behind him and takes the job of his father. All of this out of respect for his father. Having to choose whether his does or doesn’t fulfill his duties is a tough choice, but in the end his does fulfill the obligations of loving his father and also respecting what he does. So with that I would argue that the statement has to be true....
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