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After watching the movie "Monsoon Wedding" there were certain characters who stood out as being depicted as descendents from the lower castes. These characters showed the stereotypes of people from the former lower castes. These stereotypes being ignorant, crude, dirty, and dimwitted. A group from the movie I found to be one would have to be Dubey and his group of workers. I choose them because they show all the aspects of the stereotypes given. In being ignorant they all jumped to conclusion about the girl dressing up in front of the mirror as a thief rather than a girl fantasizing about getting married. I found them to be very crude as in the amount of swear words they used on a normal basis. Somewhere along the lines of once every sentence, which by a lot of peoples standards is very crude. When Dubey went back to his apartment it showed me a
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Unformatted text preview: third stereotype. He took a shower by splashing water on his face and over his head from a bucket sitting on the ground. This one is obviously the stereotype of being dirty. When the power went out at the father's house Dubey went to try and fix it by checking the fuses. Really it wasn't the fuses at all but the generator just needed to be started. After it was started the light in the fuse room came on but being the dimwitted Dubey he keep trying to change fuses for a little bit until he notice the light came back on. Although the castes system was abolished in India after World War 2 I was still able to tell by the stereotypes descendents of the lower caste. I think on the other hand that you shouldn't base whether or not they had stereotypes as a basis for if they were from a lower caste or not....
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