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Manorial System - He also gets the best room in the tower...

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Manorial System Adam Brazier World Cultures UN 1002 Section F The manorial system itself is an economic and social system of medieval Europe under which peasants' land tenure and production were regulated, and local justice and taxation were administered. The system was intimately related to feudalism but was not itself feudal, since it had no connection with the military and political concept of the fief. The fundamental characteristic of the manorial system was economic; the peasants held land from the lord of an estate in return for fixed dues in kind, money, and services. In the movie War Lord there are a few examples of how it successfully portrays the manorial system. One would be that Chrysagon portrays the part of lord very well. All of his followers and peasants of the town answer to him.
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Unformatted text preview: He also gets the best room in the tower, at the very top. When they first arrive at the town it shows the peasants herding the cattle, farming, and other such peasant jobs. A big factor in showing the way of the manorial system was that lord Chrysagon himself answered to a Duke, which is how the manorial system worked. When the Frisians come to take back their prince the lord locks down the tower and fights off the attacks that the Frisians are trying. This shows that the lord is trying to keep the land given to him by the Duke. Chrysagon’s Brother Draco rode off for help and came back with more men to fight. The Duke saw Chrysagon as a failure and made Draco the new lord, which shows the power of the Duke over the people under him in the manorial system....
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