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Independence of Women Adam Brazier UN 1002 Section F World Cultures Probably the most obvious example that compares the independence of women in Monsoon Wedding and Steel Magnolias would be the fact that they are all preparing for their weddings. This might not seem like an independent idea but the fact that before their weddings all of the girl’s friends were in some way or form meeting together in a big group without any sort of men present. Even though they didn’t meet over the same things, for example in Monsoon Wedding they sat around and sang songs and in Steel Magnolias the girls got their hair all done up. That fact that they were together is an independent situation. The only examples that I can come up with for the two shows of
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Unformatted text preview: Steel Magnolias and Before the Rain are when a girl from each family goes against what their family wants. Shelby for example was told not to have a baby for fear that her life would be in jeopardy. None the less she had the child only have to have surgery after a few months later and not making it through it. In Before the Rain Hana was accused of murder and was sought after by her family. She didn’t want to be caught and punished for doing something here family didn’t want her too so she ran away to a local missionary. There she meets up with a monk that helped her escape only to be caught by her family and killed by her family. Both stories the girls go against their families only to end up dead....
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