Gallipoli - nowhere when the subject of enlisting comes up....

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Gallipoli Adam Brazier UN 1002 Section F The power of newly developed defensive weaponry, notably machine guns, repeating rifles, and accurate field artillery, made frontal assaults on entrenched positions suicidal. There was no way two avoid frontal assaults on well-fortified trenches by outflanking the opposition. In the first three months of the war in France alone, battle casualties numbered nearly two million men. Stating this why would anyone one, not just the Australians, want to enlist. Australians might have to be one country where boredom was the cause of going to war. For example in the movie Frank and his mates are sitting around the camp fire in the middle of
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Unformatted text preview: nowhere when the subject of enlisting comes up. Well Frank’s mates agreed to do it within a matter of seconds, Frank on the other said he had other things to do. Frank really didn’t have anything to do he just didn’t want to go. Another reason to go was to have support for your country, also known as nationalism. I think this might have been one of the biggest reasons. There are many more reasons, like impressing the women, getting away from the family life, and to make sure the war doesn’t come to their homeland to fight, are some other reasons found in the movie....
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