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Black Robe Adam Brazier UN 1002 Section F After watching this movie it gave me a whole new meaning of cultural diversity. These two groups, the Catholic French and North American Indians, were in my mind basically two opposites. Some obvious differences were the way each dressed, what each ate, how they talked, and many other such differences. These are of course cultural differences but none of which I will go into detail with. The one difference that I find to be the most diverse from one another is who they believe to be their god or gods. The Catholic French priest believes in only one god and the North American Indians believe that there are many gods. Gods for each part of nature, like the sun god, wind god, and so forth.
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Unformatted text preview: The impact of the many gods on the Catholic priest makes it difficult for him to convince the Indians of there only being one. On the Indian’s side however they believe the priest to be a demon since he doesn’t believe that there are many gods. These differences prove to be too much for the priest and he ultimately fails at changing the religion of the North American Indians. Even though the priest has trouble with the Indians they still some how get along with one another so as to get out of the difficult situations they encountered. This shows that even if there are cultural differences between people there are still ways to overcome them and still benefit from one another....
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