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Exam #2 Topics Chapter 7 1. Ionic and covalent bonds 2. Lewis dot structures: octet and non-octet compliant molecules 3. Resonance structures 4. Bond dissociation energies, bond strength 5. Formal charges, their determination and use 6. VSEPR theory (charge cloud arrangement and molecular shape) 7. Electronegativies 8. Polar covalent bonds Chapter 8 9. First and Second laws of thermodynamics 10. PV work 11. E, H definitions & calculations 12. H and stoichiometry 13.
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Unformatted text preview: Hesss Law: adding reactions 14. Heat capacities, specific heat 15. Calorimetry 16. Enthalpy (Heat) of formation ( H f o ) 17. Entropy (S) and entropy changes ( S) 18. Gibbs Free Energy: G = H - T S Chapter 9 19. The ideal gas laws 20. Gas laws and reaction stoichiometry 21. Daltons law of partial pressure 22. Kinetic molecular theory of gases 23. Root mean square velocity 24. Grahams law of effusion 25. Real gases and the VDW equation...
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