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Exam #1 Topics - 21 Activity series 22 Empirical formulas...

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Exam #1 Topics 1. Periodic Table 2. Elements, Symbols, Isotopes 3. SI units, conversion of units 4. Dimensional Analysis 5. Significant Figures 6. Ionic and covalent bonds 7. Molecular (covalent) compounds and ionic compounds 8. Nomenclature of molecular and ionic compounds, cations and anions 9. Balancing simple reactions by inspection 10. Stoichiometry and stoichiometric calculations 11. Limiting reagents, % yield 12. Concentration units: molarity and dilution 13. Solubility rules 14. Arrhenius acids and bases 15. pH and pOH 16. Strong and weak acids 17. Solubility rules 18. Metathesis reactions: molecular, ionic and net ionic reactions 19. Oxidation-Reduction (Redox) reactions 20. Balancing redox reactions, half reaction method
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Unformatted text preview: 21. Activity series 22. Empirical formulas, determining and using empirical formulas 23. Periodic properties: atomic radii, ionic radii, ionization energy, electron affinity 24. Light and the electromagnetic spectrum 25. The Planck, de Broglie and Heisenberg equations 26. Quantum mechanics and the Shrodinger (wave) equation 27. Interpretation and use of the wavefunction 28. Quantum mechanical solutions for the hydrogen atom: orbitals and energy levels 29. Electron spin and the Pauli exclusion principle 30. Hund’s rule 31. Orbital energy levels and configurations of multi-electron atoms and ions 32. Effective nuclear charge, Z eff 33. The octet rule...
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