NanoLubTM can be Used in Several Ways

NanoLubTM can be Used in Several Ways - via a rolling...

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NanoLub TM can be Used in Several Ways Additive to oils Additive to greases Material for impregnating parts Component of polymer composite films Component of metal composite coatings Advantages of NanoLub TM Reduces friction and wear much better than other solid lubricants especially at high loads Longevity High load capability High chemical and physical stability Saves energy and reduces pollution Green/Environmentally friendly material Maintains precision of machine parts Lowers cost of parts preparation as it works efficiently even on rough surfaces Features of NanoLub TM Nano-size penetrates into pores avoids surface build-up allows preparation of impregnated self-lubricating parts Spherical shape
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Unformatted text preview: via a rolling action it reduces friction significantly more than sliding conventional layered compounds • chemically stable due to absence of exposed edges • extended operating life • high physical stability • doesn't gum up surface Nested structure • self-healing lubricant for maintenance-free operation NanoLub TM Target Markets Maintenance-free operations- aerospace, satellites and turbines Clean manufacturing environments- equipment for semiconductor fabs High Loads- heavy equipment and machinery Extreme environments - high vacuum, radiation, outer space Stringent requirements- jet engines and health care Military applications - quieter engines, special projects...
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