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Report on David Best - developing software for an air data...

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Report on David Best By: Adam Brazier First off my alumnus was David Best. He attended MTU from 1984 to May 1988 and received a BSCS with the computer science option. With that option He received CS credit for higher level Math courses such as differential equations, Linear Algebra, and Numerical Analysis. He was also required to take the standard engineering calculus courses. He lived in DHH and played quite a bit of intramural sports including softball, basketball, volleyball, and the very famous broomball. He was also an intramural official and worked in the DHH cafeteria. He has held 5 jobs since his graduation, and has been at his current job for about 5.5 years at Goodrich Sensor Systems in Burnsville, Minnesota. All of his positions have involved the design and development of embedded software. This is software for use on electronic devices such as cell phones, and mission related computers on aircraft and smart weapon systems (such as guided missiles). At his current job he leads a team of approx 10 software engineers
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Unformatted text preview: developing software for an air data system for commercial jetliners. The system measures air pressure surrounding the aircraft to determine airspeed, altitude and angle of attack (whether the nose of the aircraft is level, pointed up, or down). He found the mathematics he learned at MTU to be very helpful. He also found the higher level project classes you will take in junior and senior years to be a good lesson in the team work necessary in his career. Also, the problem solving skills he learned in math, chemistry and physics comes in handy a lot too. It is not possible to know all the information you will need in your career, you need a process to determine what the problem is, and how/who to talk to, to solve it. He said having had 5 jobs in 16 years is not unique. Most of his co-workers have had similar experiences. Changing jobs is common in the current economy, and also the best way to increase salary and keep from getting too bored....
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