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Adam Brazier CS1000 Well the first person I found to be interesting was the person of the Abrams.txt file. The main reason for this was that he started his own business and today its worth over a $100 million. This is a pretty big accomplishment since most people start out with maybe a $50,000 job. Also I find that the main focus of his company is robotics, which to me is something that has a lot of potential for being really big in the future. Also the fact that he had trouble with programming kind of relates him to me. My next person has to be the one of the file Moore.txt. One cool thing about him was that he is employed at a very famous job, Seeing that going to this school I have the chance to get into a very famous place and have the opportunity to make a lot of money and live a good life.
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Unformatted text preview: I liked the fact that he said going to this schools computer science program made him a lot more interested in it because of the devotion of the teaching skills of Michigan Tech Professors. Having devoted teachers make me feel a lot better about my chances at getting a good job. Last but not least I come to the file of Simon.txt. This graduate had some trouble finding a job after graduation. Not that much trouble or enough to hurt him but just a couple months before he got one. Today he works with many other tech graduates which to me makes me feel a lot better about not making all new friends again. Another thing that makes me feel good is that all these three actually went into the job they wanted, which is something I really wanted to make sure happened....
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