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Homework 10 - 3 The misunderstanding was that only during...

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Adam Brazier CS1000 Homework 10 1. Because when I make a program in my CS Lab I use a software process that seems to work really well, but really it will only work for that one project and not any more that I have to do. 2. Well from a cost perspective it seems logical that any type of design will take up more time in the building of the project which is what you do not want since you will have to put out more money for all that time.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. The misunderstanding was that only during real use did the machines give any problems that would not show up in the debugging process. 4. Reusing the code from the older version kept the same bugs in there but was covered up by the new ones safety features. 5. They could have avoided those problems by going through a lot of debugging....
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