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Conducting research on the internet is different from the University Library firstly because the library screens the sites. Whereas on the internet one has to comb through sites to find the sites with relevance, in the library someone has done this for you, thus the library is quicker. Yes, on the internet one may find more information but there might be too much. In a library there is someone to point the way, on the internet one has to be familiar with internet searching. Both have guides and tools for searches. Although the internet has a plethora of periodicals, articles, and books, they might cost one to view, whereas in the
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Unformatted text preview: library all the materials are free. Even though on the internet the most recent information is available, some of the older information may not be, but the library has both. While conducting academic web searches my approach will be to include modifiers such quotation marks, and, not, and/or or. I will also try to be specific and when I believe something is useful I will bookmark the site so I can go back to get more information or get citations....
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