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DQ2-Thurs10-22 - I believe to build a rapport a writer must...

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Kevin Blackistone is a writer I have felt a rapport with. When Kevin writes I enjoy the topic in which he is writing. It’s always filled with his feelings as well as facts. He always to seems read my mind. He also adds humor to his articles. He also talks mostly about sports, which I’m greatly interested. I believe the more I agree with him the more interested I become. Jon Cohen is a writer I’ve felt no rapport with. He talks in only facts, which loses me. He also talks a lot about politics, which is not a bad topic, but I’d like some feeling.
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Unformatted text preview: I believe to build a rapport a writer must be insightful and informative. It also seems to me that if an author adds a bit of personality to their article it helps readers connect. It is also helpful for the article to have a good flow, as not to lose or bore a reader. A writer may also do this by using simple language. If a reader seems to have the same insight or feelings toward the topic, I believe it is easier to gain a rapport....
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