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When communicating in forums it is important for Anthony to use inclusive language because it is different than talking face-to-face. First, anyone who sees your post cannot see your face. The things one writes can be taken many different ways by many different people. One has to keep in mind their audience. While writing his response Anthony made some sexist remarks. First, he said “ I saw this business lady give a presentation on etiquette. I was surprised because she had a lot of good things to say…I figured business etiquette would be really corny but believe it or not she actually had some good pointers. ” Some readers might think that he is implying that women usually don’t have good things to say or good pointers. Second, he said ” all the managers and their wives. ” This might have readers believing that Anthony believes all managers are male. Lastly, he said “
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Unformatted text preview: any man who wants to advance in the business world should seriously consider brushing up on his etiquette, ” which is also sexist because it makes him look like only men can advance. Another mistake that might not have been caught easily is when he said “ good old boys at the top .” This can be construed as racist and culturally bias because “good old boys” are often considered as Caucasian rural males. One suggestion I have for Anthony is to use bias free language. Instead of “business lady” use “business person,” or “managers and their wives,” use ”managers and their spouses.” Also instead of “any man,” use “anyone” or “any business person.” Additionally, one should reread their post before posting or ask a fellow classmate what they think. Lastly, finish assignments earlier, this will give one more time to proofread before posting....
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