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When I’m writing to friends and family I usually am laid back. I usually don’t care about grammar or spelling. I don’t believe I need to be formal. I usually try to be funny even though sometimes I’m not. I am also very sarcastic and satirical because they expect it. While talking to fellow students, I will try to be non-aggressive or demeaning, thus allowing classmates to feel comfortable to talk to or respond to me. Also I will be reflective and elaborate to keep readers
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Unformatted text preview: interested and following, also to keep readers form having to guess. Additionally I will be courteous and jovial to build a good rapport and keep the mood light. When talking to instructors, I will be formal and reserved as not to be taken the wrong way. It’s also important to be direct to avoid stringing them along. I believe after a while my tone will become more warm after I become more comfortable with this format....
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