lecture11bw - [a,b,c] = xlsread(excelData); y = @getit;...

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E7, Lecture 1; Oct 6, 2008; M. Frenklach 1 Lecture 11 Debugging (textbook: 4.6) 1 Examine variable values remove semicolons display intermediate variable values examine variables in the workspace panel examine variables class 2 Use Editor features color coding smart indentation matching parentheses M-Lint Cell mode 3
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E7, Lecture 1; Oct 6, 2008; M. Frenklach 2 Use Debug options set breakpoints use Step to advance one step at a time use Step In to enter functions dbstep , dbquit , … 4 function y = getemailaddress(excelData)
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Unformatted text preview: [a,b,c] = xlsread(excelData); y = @getit; function getit(name) ind = strmatch(upper(name),upper(c(:,1))); if isempty(ind) disp( 'no match found' ) elseif length(ind) > 1 for i = 1:length(ind) dispLine(ind(i)); end else dispLine(ind); end function dispLine(index) disp([c{index,1} ': ' c{index,2}]) end end end 5 Summary: What did we learned today? • debugging • examine variable values • use editor options / M-Lint • Cell Mode • Debug options 6...
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lecture11bw - [a,b,c] = xlsread(excelData); y = @getit;...

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