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INTRODUCTORY ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY BIOAP3110/BIOMS3110/VTBMS3460 Fall 2009 SAMPLE PRELIM I 1. Which of the following variables is most likely NOT under negative feedback control. a. Blood calcium concentration. b. The rate of insulin release from pancreatic beta cells. c. The length of hair growing from the scalp. d. The pressure exerted by a hand squeezing a ball. 2. A person is standing straight vertically such that the skeletal system is supporting the person's weight. Positional equilibrium is attained. Under these conditions, the amount of metabolic energy needed to maintain this position is zero. a = true b = false 3. For the energy available from the reaction ATP <-> ADP + P I , a 10-fold increase in temperature will lead to a 100-fold increase in potential energy. a = true b = false For the following two (2) questions, indicate what effect the action would have on body temperature. a = Increase b = Decrease c = No effect 4. Shivering 5. Vasoconstriction of blood vessels 6. The body's initial response to fever is an increase in sweat production. a = true b = false A u-shaped tube is held vertically in a clamp and separated at its lowest point into two sides, A & B, by a semi-permeable membrane forming a familiar osmosis test system. Both tubes are open at the top to the atmosphere. The membrane is freely permeable to water, but impermeable to solute. Solute is added to side A where it instantly dissolves.
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Water moves increasing the volume on one side of the tube until equilibrium is reached. (HINT - DRAW THE SYSTEM!!) For the following three (3) questions – a = true b = false 7. At equilibrium, there will be more water on side A than on side B . 8. The height of the water column on the side with the most water at equilibrium will be greater the higher the temperature of the system. 9.
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