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311C F09 Worksheet_3+A - NAME_KEY Discussion Worksheet#3...

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NAME______________ KEY ____________ BIO 311C Discussion Worksheet #3 Macromolecules 1. Name of the chemical reaction that breaks a polymer down to its individual monomers. Hydrolysis 2. Name of the chemical reaction used to build polymers by joining individual monomers together. Dehydration reaction (type of condensation reaction) 3. Name the monomers used to build each of the following macromolecules: a. Lipids: None, lipids are not polymers b. Carbohydrates: monosaccharides c. Proteins: amino acids d. Nucleic Acids: nucleotides 4. Name the type of bond used to covalently link monomers/subunits in each of the following. Between which functional groups does each form? a. Carbohydrates: glycosidic linkage between 2 hydroxyl groups b. Lipids: no monomers; ester linkage joins fatty acids (carboxyl) and glycerol (hydroxyl) c. Proteins: peptide bond between amino group and carboxyl group d. Nucleic acids: phosphodiester linkage between phosphate group and hydroxyl group 5. List two major functions for each macromolecule listed below a. Carbohydrates: energy storage; structural support, cell communication b. Lipids: energy storage, cushioning, membrane structure, cell communication 6. Put these glucose polymers in order, from least branched (1) to most branched (3). a. amylopectin 2 b. glycogen 3 c. amylose 1 7. Using the figure shown at right as a reference: (a) draw 2 molecules of β -glucose joined by a 1,4 β linkage see below (b) draw 2 molecules of α -glucose joined by a 1, 4 α linkage see below (c) Write the molecular formula for each disaccharide drawn above α glucose – α glucose: C12H22O11 β glucose – β glucose: C12H22O11 (d) What is the significance to most animals if carbohydrate monomers are connected by α or β linkages? ONLY HAVE ENZYMES TO HYDROLYZE ALPHA LINKAGES – CANNOT DIGEST BETA 1,4 GLYCOSIDICLINKAGES (e) Which linkages are found in: starch? __ α 1, 4 AND α 1,6 _______ glycogen? __ α 1, 4 AND α 1,6 _______________ cellulose? ____ β 1, 4 __________
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8. What characteristic is used to categorize different lipids in the same class of macromolecules? Hydrophobic, water insoluble
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311C F09 Worksheet_3+A - NAME_KEY Discussion Worksheet#3...

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